A budget group is a set of campaigns/budgets you specify in Adalysis to manage and track their collective spend and performance.  

This is not the same as shared budgets; the campaigns in a budget group continue to run individually.  Defining a budget group in Adalysis has no impact on how the campaigns run in Google. It's only a logical grouping in Adalysis to make it easier for you to manage a set of brand campaigns, search campaigns, etc. separately from the rest.

Once you define a budget group, you will be able to:

  • Set a total daily or monthly budget for the campaigns within and let Adalysis split the total budget across the campaigns individually based on a performance goal you specify.
  • See the pacing based on the allocated spend.
  • See the estimated monthly projected spend for the group.
  • See the aggregate performance of the campaigns within the group.
  • Automate the daily budget allocation to achieve a monthly spend goal

Budget groups can be set up from the section shown below: