Adalysis automatically identifies potential negative keywords from your N-Gram search terms data. You will see the alert on your Dashboard, under Audit Alerts / Search Terms, separately for your Search and Shopping campaigns. You can either take action right here, on the Dashboard by adding the identified poorly performing N-Grams as negative keywords in a single click. To do that, click on the button Add as negative keywords.

If you want to dive deeper into data before taking action, click on the button View the N-Grams

Step 1

Clicking on the above Dashboard alert will open the below screen. The screen is pre-loaded with the current saved criteria identifying potential negative keywords from the campaign n-gram data. If you have modified the criteria (in the Audit Settings of your Adalysis account), your customized criteria will be used here, otherwise, they will revert to the default values of 0 conversions and more than 150 clicks in the last 90 days. 

Step 2

Once you've analyzed and confirmed an N-Gram search term (or a variation of it) is worth adding as a negative keyword, select the N-Gram term(s) and click the button "Add as negative keyword". 

Now you can modify the text (if required) of the search terms and any other parameters before creating the new negative keywords. 

In Search campaigns, to help you analyze the impact of adding the new negative keyword, you will instantly see if there is a potential conflict with your existing (positive) keywords. 

Potential negative keywords can also be seen anytime through this filter: