The alerts and recommendations generated by Adalysis sometimes use default parameters e.g. poorly converting keywords are determined when a keyword has 150 clicks without conversions.  Different accounts, however, may have different strategies that require these parameters to change. For example, if you manage an account with low traffic, you may want to start receiving keyword bid recommendations sooner than after the default 50 clicks, etc.

While it was always possible to customize all parameters in Adalysis, we’ve now centralized all the settings so you can manage or disable all alerts from within the new Audit Settings section at the top right panel of your Adalysis account. 

All the alerts in the Audit Settings are grouped around five different areas of your PPC account which correspond to what you can see on your Dashboard: 

  • Improvement opportunities (such as adding new keywords or negative keywords) 
  • Account structure alerts 
  • Bidding recommendations 
  • Budget optimization alerts 
  • A/B testing

You can customize the existing metrics or add/remove metrics to define the criteria used to generate the alerts.  The modified alert settings will be used for all future alert generation (i.e. alert already generated that day won’t update immediately). 

You can revert back to default settings at any time by using the Reset to default button.