Adalysis will alert you to any instances where a negative keyword (ad group, campaign or list negative keyword) is stopping a regular keyword from running.

Step 1

Clicking on the above alert will open the Keywords screen with a pre-loaded filter showing all the regular keywords that are not running due to a conflict with a negative keyword:

Step 2

To see which negative keyword(s) are causing the conflict, hover over the alert symbol next to each keyword:

Please note: It is possible for a conflicting keyword to receive impressions due to how Google matches synonyms. However, even if there are impressions, your keyword will not run fully as expected until the conflict is resolved.

Step 3

To fix the conflict between the regular keyword and the negative one, you need to make a decision based on the specific scenario of each keyword.

Option 1 - Delete the negative keyword causing the conflict

Option 2 - Pause/delete the regular keyword that is not running