Using negative keywords is one of the most effective ways to minimize irrelevant traffic to your website. Adalysis conducts regular checks and alerts you about campaigns that currently don’t use negative keywords (under Audit Alerts / Negative keywords).  


When you click on the alert, you will see the list of campaigns that don't use any negative keywords. 


You can either add a negative keyword list to these campaigns or add new negative keywords from the poorly performing search terms.

Add poorly converting search terms as negative keywords

1. In Adalysis, open the section Keywords → Negative Keywords Search terms. Browse through the report and select search terms you find irrelevant. You can also use filters to only select search terms based on specific criteria, such as the number of clicks or impressions. 

2. Once you have selected the search terms, click on the button Add as negative keywords. By default, new negative keywords will be added to the same ad group the corresponding search term originated from. You can change the level and the match type of the new negative keywords before pushing these changes to your Google Ads account.