Managing budgets

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Adalysis has some of the most comprehensive set of budget tools available in any platform today.  The tools you have access to will help you get the most out of your available budgets and easily spot opportunities for improvement.

A consolidated view of each of your PPC accounts can be found on the main dashboard. 

Note: Hover over each of the headers for more information about how this data helps you become more efficient in managing your budget. 


The budget tools are split into 2 screens:

  • The screen on the left (see below) has tools for managing the budget allocated to the campaigns (or shared budgets) in the Google Ads settings.  For more details about these tools, please see below.
  • The screen on the right has tools for pacing target budgets and actions triggered as a result.  The 'target' budget is defined in Adalysis only and provides pacing information without changing any of the allocated budgets.  This helps you monitor the budget performance without making any changes to the existing allocated budgets.  For more details about the pacing tools, please check this article.

Allocated budget management and automation tools 

The first part of the budget screen provides you with the following info at the account level:

  1. The current spend (until the end of yesterday) and an estimated projected spend for the whole month.
  2. The total of the currently allocated campaign daily budgets and the ability to define a monthly spend goal.  Adalysis will split the total budget across the campaigns (or shared budgets) to maximize the chance of achieving the performance goal you specify (more details can be found here).
  3. The ability to put the account budget on auto-pilot and have Adalysis automatically manage this budget daily (more details can be found here).
  4. A set of charts for this month (and the previous 3 months) detailing the spend and the allocated budget, and presented in both a daily format as well as aggregated format.

The second part of the budget screen provides the following details for this month (up to 3 months of data is available):

  1. A detailed view of the historical changes of the allocated budget, spend as well as the Lost Impression Share (budget) metric.  See Chart 1 below.
  2. Pacing based on the allocated budget for the selected date range.
  3. An estimate for the monthly projected spend for this campaign/shared budget
  4. The current and historical values of the Lost IS budget metric as well as a breakdown of the potential performance boost should the budget be increased.  Adalysis is able to work out this metric for shared budgets (as it's not readily available in Google Ads).  See Chart 2 below.
  5. Current and historical value of the allocated daily budget as well as the ability to modify it.  See Chart 3 below.
  6. The ability to define a monthly spend goal for this budget and have Adalysis adjust the daily budget accordingly based on the goal. See Chart 4 below.
  7. The ability to see all the above data for any of the last 3 months to compare the performance and analyze seasonalities.
  8. Alerts notifying you of any campaigns that are losing impressions due to a limited budget and which would benefit from a budget increase (more details can be found here).


Chart 1 - Budget daily and monthly spend vs allocated + projection + Lost Impression share (budget)

Chart 2 - Potential performance boost (in the next 30 days) for various budget increases

Chart 3 - Historical changes in daily budget

Chart 4 - Define a monthly spend goal for the campaign/shared budget

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