Adalysis will help you to get the most out of your available budgets and spot opportunities for improvement.

Budget Overview

The consolidated information about each of your accounts can be found on the main dashboard. If you see the green alert icon next to the current budget spend, none of your budgets are capped for impressions. If instead, you see an orange alert, there’s something you can do to manage your budgets. 

What you can see in the Budget Management section? 

In the Budget Management section of your Adalysis profile, you can see: 

  1. The pace at which your current monthly budget is being spent, so you can distribute your spending more evenly and notice scaling opportunities.
  2. Total projected spend for the current month to see if you meet your budget objectives.
  3. Historical data about your allocated budgets and actual spend to spot seasonality trends and find valuable insights into your account performance.
  4. Budget optimization opportunities to be able to shift budgets to better performing campaigns according to the potential gain. 
  5. Performance charts with lost impression share plotted against your budget to instantly see if and when you have lost opportunities due to budget restrictions. 

Target Budget Alert 

If you have a specific budget in mind you don’t want to exceed in a given month, you can set the target budget and get an alert once your spending is approaching the amount and even set a rule for pausing your campaigns.  You can set the target budget at the account level or at the campaign level, selecting one or multiple campaigns you want to track budgets for. 

1. Enter your target monthly budget. It will allow you to instantly see what your current spending is in comparison with your target budget. 

2. (optionally) Define an alert to notify you whenever a specific threshold (such as 80%, 90%, etc.) of your target budget has been reached. In the Target Budget Actions, choose if you want to pause the campaigns when your entire target budget has been spent, and/or to enable them back on the 1st date of the following month.

Budget Allocation Manager 

If you have a specific budget you want to split across all your campaigns in a smart way (e.g. you are increasing your monthly budget due to upcoming sales), you can use the Budget Allocation Manager. It will help you to identify the best budget allocation model that will ensure the largest incremental growth for all of your campaigns. To calculate the model, Adalysis takes into account the Lost impression share of your campaigns and the potential results you may get in each individual campaign by increasing the budget.

How to use Budget Allocation Manager: 

1. Define your overall monthly target budget. 

Tip: If you only know how much you want to spend weekly or daily, you can easily convert this value by using the Daily Budget Calculator tool.

2. In the grid where your campaign budgets are listed, select all or some of your campaigns the new target budget should be spent on and click on the Budget Allocation Manager

3. Enter the monthly budget and click on the Show budget allocation suggestions.

4. You will be taken to the screen with recommendations for each of your campaigns. You can accept all recommendations or you can change the values for increasing/decreasing budgets beforehand. 

Tip: Don’t forget to click on the Apply selected budget changes button to save your changes (even if you don’t edit recommended values).